Nutritious & Delicious Meals

Getting kids to eat healthy is our Job #1!  We work hard to build menus that meet all the standards of the USDA School meal programs.  We believe that we can combine well balanced nutrition with tasty foods that your child will want to eat.  We take pride in presenting a variety of choices for every taste and many dietary needs.  A healthy body supports healthy learning  and we are dedicated to building strong minds and strong bodies!

Take a look at what we’re offering each day to make school lunch something to look forward to!   Due to supply chain issues, all menus are subject to change.

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Borrowing Procedures

The Waller ISD School Nutrition Department will allow students to borrow money up to a certain value.  If a child has borrowed up to their limit he/ she will be given a courtesy meal similar to but not limited to a turkey sandwich and milk.

All Waller ISD Students will be able to borrow up to 5 lunches before receiving an alternate meal of a sandwich and milk.

Low balance phone calls will be made daily and letters sent home weekly.  Students may not borrow money to purchase snacks or extra items.  We encourage parents to sign up for low balance emails, and to monitor their child’s purchases.  Alternate meals are not intended to be provided on a long term basis.  All borrowed funds are expected to be paid within courtesy meal time period.

Please contact the School Nutrition Department to see if your household qualifies for free or reduced meals at any time during the school year as well as in the event of an income change.